Options Explained

There are many options available in TwitterInAnApp, and it might not be obvious to everyone what these options mean, and how they affect how the application works.

So here’s a list of the options, and what they mean!

‘Enable Browser Cache (Remember Me Login)’

TwitterInAnApp is a web browser, plain and simple.  Like any good browser it has the ability to ‘cache’ resources (Web pages, Images, Videos, Cookies).  If you want the application to automatically sign-you in to TweetDeck, you need to enable this option AND ensure you have the option ‘Remember Me’ checked at the TweetDeck / Twitter sign-in page.

If you don’t enable this option, no amount of checking or unchecking the TweetDeck / Twitter ‘Remember Me’ option will work, as no login Cookie will be created.

You’ll find your browser cache in the folder: (My) Documents\TwitterInAnApp\Cache

‘Enable Dark Theme’

Because the browser is embedded inside an application, by default Microsoft Windows will display the application and any popup windows using the default system (theme) colours.  This affects the ‘Options’ screen and the application toolbar.  With this option checked, these components will be displayed using the traditional TweetDeck dark theme colour.  With the option unchecked your default theme colours will be used.

‘Auto-hide Toolbar’

It’s not very often you need to interact with the application toolbar (which has the Exit / Close, Settings, Developer Tools and About buttons on), for this reason you can choose to ‘auto-hide’ it.  With this option checked, you can access the toolbar by moving your mouse near to the top of the screen and it will appear, and disappear after a few seconds.  With the option unchecked the toolbar will be permanently visible.

‘Close To Tray’

If, like me, you tend to work with a lot of applications this option will allow you to minimize the application but hide it from being visible on the task bar.  This might be useful also for those who need to use the application a little more ‘discreetly’ (i.e. at work).  If have this option unchecked, minimizing the application will leave it visible on the task bar.  With the option checked, minimizing will hide the application and remove it from the task bar, but it will still run in the background.  Double click on the application icon in the system tray (next to the clock) to re-display the application, or alternatively ‘right-click’ on it and choose ‘Show’ on the popup menu.

‘Start Minimized’

If you’re a Twitterholic (you’re not alone!), then like me you no doubt use multiple-devices and are probably pretty much up-to-date with what’s going on in your Twittersphere (Twitterverse?).  So sometimes you just want to start the application and put it straight into the background.  This option does just that.  With it checked, when the application starts up you’ll see the application window automatically minimise and either sit on the task bar or get hidden from view (depending on your ‘Close To Tray’ setting).  Leaving the option unchecked leaves the application where it starts.

‘Flash On New Activity’

This option will simply ‘flash’ the window on the taskbar when there is any new activity and the application is sitting in the background.  Checked, means turn flashing on.  Unchecked means, don’t flash the window when there is new activity.  Activity is defined as ‘New mention, retweet, favourite, quote tweet, follow or message.

‘Autosize On Startup’

If you are not into social media monitoring on a grand scale, then chances are you are only using a basic set of columns within TweetDeck.  As an application that is ‘resizable’, you can change the height and width of the application to suit your needs.  ‘Autosize on startup’ though takes away the need for you to work out how big to make the window, by sizing it based on the columns that are visible.  Use it carefully though!

Checked means, autosize (you’ll see it start very small when the application starts and then size properly when the columns are loaded)

Unchecked means start using the applications default size

‘Notify On New Activity’

If you don’t want to miss a beat while you are not looking, then checking this option will have the system notify you when any new activity occurs.  (Activity is defined as ‘New mention, retweet, favourite, quote tweet, follow or message).  But this option only takes effect when the application is running in the background e.g. you are working in another application.  When new activity is detected, it will display a little notification window showing what new activity has occurred [in number terms] has occurred ‘e.g 1 mention, 2 retweets’, and also change the ‘Tray Icon’ (next to the clock) a bright orange colour.  If you miss the popup notification, and haven’t switched to the application, hover your mouse over the tray icon and the popup notification will re-display.

‘Always Notify’

For those that don’t want to miss a beat even when they are using the application then checking this option will ALWAYS show the notifications.  This will be useful for those using a large number of columns and want to, for example, be notified about new activity that might be hidden.

‘Enable Sounds’

For those users that are familiar with the original desktop application, the one thing you might have come to know and love, that doesn’t seem to work on the website, is the shrill of the ‘Ping’ when new activity has occurred.  Well, never fear my friend, it’s back!  Checking this option will play that dulcet[!] tone whenever new activity is recognised!

‘Enable Observer Mode’

One day I got to thinking, what if I were a social media manager working in a big company where lots of people might be working.  Or at a conference and we want a live display of activity based on my account?  Then this option is what I would set!

With this option set the application will run in full-screen mode and it will remove the TweetDeck ‘side-bar’ (completely) and it will display your account activity for all and sundry to see!

Caution:  This is not for the faint hearted.  This is the internet after all.  There’s no ‘anti-trolling’ tool to help suppress any negative or inappropriate content!